Lesson Content

Practice menu

practice swing

  • up and down  30
  • front  30 2sets
  • while stepping  30
  • left right surface  30
  • early swing  30

Basic hit

  • Men-uchi switch  ×2
  • Shinai-uchi switch  ×2
  • large Men-uchi  4×2
  • large Kote-men-uchi  4×2
  • early Men-uchi for practice  4×2
  • early Kote-uchi for practice  4×2
  • Do-uchi  4×2
  • early Kote-men-uchi for practice  4×2
  • Kote-do-uchi  4×2

Practice of Responsive Technique

  • Technique for Men  4×2
  • response techniques for kote  4×2
  • 6 people’s response technique  4sets
  • hanging practice  10seconds×10times
  • each other’s practice  10seconds×10times<


  • Jigeiko  3minutes×10times
  • Jigeiko for promotion examination  1minutes×15times

Practice is done like this.
Before the summer games, we sometimes focus on basic strikes.
The important thing when creating a training menu is to be convinced by yourself and work on it.
Why are you doing this practice now?
How can I make up for my shortcomings?

Differences between weak and strong kendo players Kendo STEP UP 「An impenetrable wall」

Differences between weak and strong kendo players
Kendo STEP UP 
「An impenetrable wall」

【Weak Kendo】

  1. beginners
  2. Kendo player who cannot move his hips in parallel
  3. Give sharpness to「Stop」「Stricks」「Zanshin」
  4. Eliminate wasted motion(Preliminary)
  5. A person who does not strike at the opportunity to strike
  6. Only the arm that is not integrated with the bamboo sword is striking

【Strong Kendo】

  1. 「Movement」「Favorite technique」「Way of thinking」
  2. Stop immediately
  3. Hit sharply
  4. feel beautiful Movement with sharpness is important!
  5. Unify shinai and body
  6. Use one’s body
  7. Put left hip forward
  8. Speed into opponent’s pocket(Anyway, the speed that jumps into the bosom is fast)
  9. Anyway, I imitate a strong player.

There are many things I notice for the first time when I am frustrated.Only by reflecting and researching can we become humble.By experiencing setbacks and overcoming hardships, we become stronger and can achieve great things.

Everyone has trials and tribulations.The experience of overcoming it becomes the property of life.If you face trials with a feeling of welcoming them, your life will open up.
True strength comes from failure.

Luck and bad luck almost always have their own reasons and processes.In that sense, it can be said that luck is a part of ability, and that it is something that can be caught by one’s own efforts.There are many people who lament that they are unlucky, or that they did not have luck this time, but that is not the way to get lucky.

Nothing makes you grow like failure. Why did it go wrong and what went wrong?Use your head, wit, and ingenuity to overcome your shortcomings and weaknesses. People grow in the process of trial and error.