Chairman Masahito Narushima in his young youth

These are Chairman Narushima’s boyhood days.
Would GHQ ever again give Japan another militaristic education? and
Kendo education was temporarily abolished, but it was abolished on May 19, 1953.
After the war, we heard that the former military personnel were particularly saddened by the fact that the military sword was the Yamato Soul of the soldiers.
Now, it has been almost a year since the Russian military invasion of Ukraine took place. Many fighters have been killed.
I hope that the war will end as soon as possible.
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Chairman’s comment.
When I was in elementary school, I often cried because I couldn’t win matches. When I was in junior high school, my seniors would discipline me and I had to practice hard every day.
In junior high school, I became a regular player and played in three school districts, Nerima. Suginami. He participated in a junior high school kendo tournament in Nakano, winning the team competition as vice captain.