Mizutani Kenyukai is a kendo kenyukai based in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture.
Established in 1985 by Hidetoshi Takahashi, the founder (former chairman). Mizutani Kenyukai is a kendo club with a history of 40 years.
Our slogan is “Human Development through Kendo, Community Development through Experience and Interaction”.
We aim to develop the community through sports promotion projects for Kendo instruction and education support projects, mainly for elementary, junior high, high school, and general public.
We wish for healthy growth of “mind” and “body”.We are continuing our activities to pass on the important Japanese traditional culture of kendo to the next generation.
Currently, a total of 14 people, including Masahito Narushima 6th Dan, are teaching young swordsmen.

Name Mizutani Kenyukai
Representative President Masahito Narushima
Secretariat Kenji Okamoto
Contact Mizutani KenyukaiContactより
Rehearsal day Thursday 19:00~20:30(PM18:30 Get together)
Sunday 10:00~12:00(09:30 Get together)
Rehearsal place Mizutani Primary school Gymnasium(Normal use)
Fujimi City General Gymnasium(When Mizutani Primary School gymnasium is not available)
membership fee Admission fee 1,000yen・Annual fee 6,000yen

Please see 「Enrollment Guidance」 for details.