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Mizutani Kenyukai is a kendo kenyukai based in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture.
Established in 1985 by Hidetoshi Takahashi, the founder (former chairman). Mizutani Kenyukai is a kendo club with a history of 40 years. Under the slogan, “Human Development through Kendo, Community Development through Experience and Interaction,” we aim to develop the community through sports promotion projects centered on elementary, junior high, high school, and general public through Kendo instruction and educational support projects.
Hoping for healthy growth of the “body”, we continue to work to pass down kendo, which is an important traditional Japanese culture, to the next generation. It is a martial art with the philosophy of training the mind and body and aiming for character formation.
We each have our own goals, but why don’t we work hard and practice together? Kendo can be continued for life. The “road” continues endlessly. 
Kendo Life

Filial piety is an absolute condition for success → “Motivation” If you don’t have your parents, you won’t be there.

There are mysterious wins in wins / there are no mysterious losses in losses → When the opponent collapses or loses, “There is always a reason why you lost”.

Time is given equally, but the result is not equal → “how to use 24 hours in a day”.

Carefully and boldly → It becomes monotonous and patterned, making it easier for the other party to read. Sometimes you need to be bold.

“It’s not enough” instead of “It’s not enough” → People give up before they know their limits.

Value “one”. One is the beginning and the basis of everything.

Write “failure” and read “seicho [growth]” → Why did you fail? what went wrong? what should i do?

Avoid only failure → no growth. The most scary time is when you are selfish and when you are leading.

Secretariat Kenji Okamoto