Enrollment Guidance

Rehearsal day

Thursday 19:00~20:30(PM18:30 Get together)
Sunday 10:00~12:00(09:30 Get together)

Rehearsal place

Mizutani Primary School Gymnasium(We usually use this)

Fujimino-shi No.2 Sports Park Gymnasium
(Fujimin Arena Altair)(When Mizutani Elementary School gymnasium is not available)

Fujimi City General Gymnasium(When Mizutani Elementary School gymnasium is not available)

Membership fee

Admission fee 1,000yen・Annual fee 6,000yen


Tours and experiences are accepted at any time.Free trial (up to 5 times).The first experience is on Sunday.If it is not convenient for you, please contact us by email.※Admission and experience are for primary school students and above.

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【Kendo instruction】

Kendo instructors will guide you, but the procedure from admission to grade examination is as follows.

1)For 3 to 6 months after joining, the focus is on practicing basic movements without wearing protective gear.

  • Your teacher will instruct you to wear protective gear. At that point, purchase training clothes, hakama, and protective gear.
  • If you have spare armor, you can borrow it.

2)If you are instructed to wear protective gear, practice with a general experienced person.
3)You can practice a lot with people with general experience, and take the class examination under the guidance of the teachers.
  (Let’s aim for 1st grade in the 6th grade of elementary school and 2nd dan in junior high school students.)

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【Accident and liability insurance】

  • The Mizutani Kenyukai subscribes to “injury/compensation” insurance.Only “Kendo practice and events” sponsored by Mizutani Kenyukai are covered.
  • Accident on the way to practice by car→Automobile insurance (both personal and property) Voluntary insurance.
  • Injury accident on the way to practice by bicycle→Please contract individual liability insurance for daily life and hedge the risk.(Please sign a contract for settlement negotiations)

* 「Kakaku.com Insurance」Please refer to bicycle insurance.

  1. Facility owner/manager liability insurance。
  2. Event participant accident insurance(3,000yen/day 90 times within 180 days)In order to reduce running costs, death and hospitalization coverage is set low.We have an individual contract.
    Accident insurance can be claimed together. 
    For insurance claims, etc., please contact  the secretariat/Okamoto. 

『We also recommend adding accident insurance to your policy.』



List of underwriters


For damage insurance consultation, etc., please contact  the secretariat/Okamoto .